Serving the homeless and destitute of Kwa-Zulu Natal since 2008

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Janndre Foster

Elysium, Ifafa

Cell: 073 706 2566

Carlin Foster

Elysium, Ifafa

Cell: 078 133 3522

Gerda Booyens


Cell: 083 631 2587

Elna Fraser


Cell: 072 271 1437

Rosi Niebuhr


Cell: 079 307 8021


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Management - Janndre sees to the daily running of the centre

Janndre has been involved in managing and co-ordinating Angels Care Kzn in its various forms for the past 8 years. Carlin and Janndre come from Johannesburg .Janndre trained as a gourmet chef and served on the Blue train and as the personal chef for the late Minister Ben Schoeman (for 15 years.) Carlin was employed by the CSIR- Council for scientific and industrial research, Pretoria. After the loss of her dear son, Marchand she felt drawn to the plight of those worse off than herself. She has been involved in the daily running of the centre among other things. An operation of this nature requires people of a very strong resilient nature, Carlin and Janndre certainly have this gift, ability and calling.

Pastor Kurt Schnackenberg and family Kurt

Married to Magdalene they have 3 boys aged 16, 14, 11. He studied at the Lutheran Theological Seminary Oderursel , Germany. Previously he worked for Kentron, Armscour , Pretoria. He is presently the pastor of St. John’s Lutheran parish Shelly Beach. Kurt is a regular visitor to Angels Care Kzn he is a valuable member of our team, supplying residents with supportive spiritual teaching and counselling. He has been a faithful dependable minister to the peoples of the centre right from inception. His hard work and determination to spread the Good News to the needy and destitute is commendable and reflective of his desire to share Jesus Christ resurrected.

Roy and Elna Fraser

Roy and Elna live in the Byrne Valley, Richmond. Roy is currently employed, as a Contracts Manager, by Icon Construction and has been involved in the civil engineering construction industry for over 40 years. Elna has a nursing background and has been involved with Acutouch therapy for the past 12 years. Their desire is to up lift and help those who are in need and destitute through various forms of fundraising and care. The couple are a wonderful asset to the centre and work tirelessly to supply the centre with much needed cash, clothing and furniture and Elna, in particular, has the gift of spreading the word about the centre. We are truly indebted to their dedication to the Angel’s Care Centre.”

Rosi and Helmut

Rosi lives in the Wartburg district, 50kms from Pietermaritzburg. She is a teacher and Helmut is a building contractor. Rosi got involved with Angels Care a few years ago. This was born out of a passion to help the needy and those less fortunate than ourselves. She finds it very rewarding passing Jesus’s love on to other people, giving them hope and bringing some light into their lives. Rosi says she is grateful that her husband supports her in this venture and to her community for helping her with donations towards the centre. They have 4 children are richly blessed with 14 grandchildren. Our Father never ceases to bless His children.

Gerda and George Booyens

Gerda qualified as an Occupational Therapist at Pretoria University. She uses her valuable skills to enhance the ladies work mornings. She often brings people to the centre encouraging them to get involved with the needs of the care centre. She is qualified Restoring the Foundations Issue Focused Ministry team. Gerda and Tracey work alongside each other in this field at Angels Care.